Schaumburg's Leading Honda Dealership

Schaumburg Information

Originally known as Sarah's Grove, the bustling township of Schaumburg, home to more than 75,000 people, has grown to include such distinctions as hosting one of only two IKEA stores in the entire state of Illinois and the world headquarters for Motorola Solutions. The village was settled by German immigrants, for the most part, in the early 1830's but didn't even have a name until 1851.

Prior to a rather stormy town meeting in 1850, Schaumburg didn't even have an official name. It was just known as Township 41. During the meeting, names such as Lutherville and Lutherburg were bandied about in deference to the revered founder of Protestant Christianity. As the meeting wore on, one of the Township 41's leading citizens and landowners rose, pounded the table with his fist, and roared in German: "It will be called Schaumburg!" Apparently there was little, if any, opposition and in 1851 Township 41 officially became Schaumburg.

Schaumburg continues to be a thriving business center and has recognized and welcomed Honda as a valuable addition to the community. A mainstay of the community, Honda continues to be there with their quality vehicles, including a full line of electric and hybrid vehicles. So whether you are off to the Woodfield Mall, opened in 1971, or riding to a relaxing Saturday afternoon Boomers game, it is quite likely you will see more than a few legendary Civic's and Accord's along the way.