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From the time it took the name of Cottage Hill in 1845 until the present day, Elmhurst has made its mark on Illinois. Home to nearly 45,000 people, Elmhurst annually plays host to the third largest Saint Patrick's Day parade in the Greater Chicago area. It is also the home of two remarkable museums. One is dedicated entirely to Elmhurst while the other, hosts the Theater Historical Society of America which houses memorabilia from long forgotten theaters from around the country.

With Elmhurst's Memorial Hospital being the first hospital in DuPage County, built in 1926, to historic Elmhurst College, founded in 1871, it is no surprise that this beautiful city has welcomed Honda into its fair city. With all that Elmhurst has to offer it is fitting that Honda finds its way there to add to the city's ambiance. Honda fits neatly into the surroundings with offerings of everything from cars and trucks, including their much vaunted hybrids, to motorcycles, to ATV's to lawnmowers and snow blowers. It's no wonder that Elmhurst has welcomed Honda with open arms and it's no wonder that the two will thrive, side by side, well into the twenty first century. With such companies as Keebler and Famous Amos calling Elmhurst home, so too will Honda bring an added shine to the picturesque tree lined streets.