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Chicago Area Information

It started humbly in 1833 with a small band of about 200 hearty settlers and has, today, become the third largest city in the United States. Chicago, the legendary Windy City, is now a vibrant city with almost three million people, nearly ten million if you take in all of Chicagoland. The city's rich and vibrant history has left its mark on American history from the famed stockyards to the Great Fire, to being the home to Stephen Douglas, Harrison Ford, and Walt Disney.

Chicago has always had a pioneering spirit and it was never more evident than in 1893 when it hosted the World Columbian Exposition. It was so remarkable that people came from all over the world to see The White City. It was so named because the entire fair had been electrified by thousands of newly introduced light bulbs from the brilliant mind of Nikola Tesla.

For a city that plays host to over fifty million visitors a year, millions from far flung parts of the world, it is no surprise to see Honda making its presence felt. It is a distinct advantage for Chicago to welcome Honda as its cutting edge innovations are right in step with Chicago's pioneering energy.

Cruising through the Windy City in a legendary Civic or Accord can make trips through downtown, or even out to the Lincoln Park Zoo, seem effortless. The spirit of Chicago is there with Honda, too, as both keep pace with technological advances in the form of the advanced hybrids. Perhaps one of new HR-V's, Insight's, or Civics will be just the ride to take you out to Wrigley to see if this is the year the Goat is finally put to rest.