Why Buy a Honda Hatchback?


Honda hatchbacks are popular with many different drivers, and for good reason. The Honda Fit, Civic Hatchback, Civic Type R and Fit EV have a lot that recommends them.


Honda Performance and Reliability


Stating that these hatchbacks are Hondas is to say the obvious, but the importance of being a Honda must not be underestimated. Honda is…

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Top 5 Honda Vehicles for Families With Children


Honda’s fans include many different groups of people, one of which is families. Families need spacious, reliable and affordable cars, and there are lots of Honda vehicles that fit the bill. Here are some of the most popular choices.


Honda Civic Hatchback: Functional Style


The Honda Civic Hatchback merges the Civic style that’s loved by many with the functionality that drivers…

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What's the Right Time to Buy a Honda?


You know the saying timing is everything? Well, that statement is particularly true when it comes to buying a new vehicle like a Honda. If you are thinking of adding another vehicle, or of trading in your current car and upgrading to a quality Honda model, then it's important to understand that picking the right time to buy a Honda can save you as much as several…

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Getting the Most From Your Honda Trade-In


Looking to get a better rate on your next new Honda purchase or finance? One way to reduce the amount of money you'll have to put down is by trading in your current Berwyn vehicle. In fact, getting a good trade-in value might be a massive factor in whether or not you choose one model or trim over the other. Because of this, it's important to try and get as much value out…

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Are Honda Vehicles Built to Last?


 The honest answer to whether Honda vehicles are built to last is that all automakers today build their vehicles to last for many years. Vehicles are staying on the road longer than they ever have before, and you can find almost any make of vehicle with several models that have over 200,000 miles for sale.


Few automakers, however, are able to approach long-term reliability in the way that Honda does. Honda vehicles are built…

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5 Surprising Things You Can Do With (or in) a Honda


Honda drivers mostly use their vehicles for getting from one place to another, but transportation isn’t all that Honda vehicles do. With a little creativity, there are lots of other activities that you can do in a Honda. (Obviously, some of the following ideas shouldn’t be done while you’re actually driving.)


Yoga for the Ankles, Wrists and Neck


Obviously, many yoga poses are impossible to do while riding in a vehicle. There…

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Can Too Many Washes Damage Your Honda?


Honda vehicles are great choices for every type of driver, from the teenager buying their first vehicle to the growing family needing a solid hauler. Of course, no matter what type of driver or car buyer you are, the process of buying any Honda vehicle ought to be seen as a major investment. After all, a car purchase generally requires taking out a loan or signing up for a multi-year lease with stipulations. In either…

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2018 Honda Civic: Must-Have Amenities


The 2018 Honda Civic is an incredibly well-rounded vehicle that offers that nice mix of performance, comfort, and safety. This model comes in the three different body styles of sedan, coupe, and hatchback, so that Oak Park car buyers can buy that perfect style that meets their driving lifestyle and needs.

Of course, no matter which body style you get, you can rest assured that your new Civic is going to come packed with features. Even base trims enjoy a rich array of the latest and greatest in comfort, safety, and entertainment features and those amenities get even better the…

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2018 Honda Accord: 5 Safety and Performance Facts


Midsize sedans are the optimum choice for professional individuals and Berwyn families just starting out. These are vehicles that are versatile, offering drivers strong performance, great fuel economy, and stellar safety ratings all at an affordable rate. Perhaps there's no better example of this than the 2018 Honda Accord.

The Honda Accord has always been a leader in the midsize class and this year that's truer than…

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Matching Your Personality to a New Honda


Honda makes cars with character, so it only makes sense to consider your personality when you buy a new Honda. With so many different Honda models to choose from, you’re bound to find at least one that perfectly complements your inner being.


The 2018 Honda Civic: Conventional yet Free

The Civic is perhaps Honda’s most recognized vehicle, and it’s also a widely appealing one. In choosing a 2018 Honda Civic, you opt…

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