Now more than ever, with so many new technologies and features being added to our cars, taking a test drive is an absolute necessity to know the car up, close, and personal. Next to a house, your car is probably the most expensive thing you’ll be forking out on, so it makes sense to spend time and effort into getting to experience a vehicle before investing in it.

According to an independent survey by CoxAutoinc, only 32% of consumers know exactly which car they want before taking test drives. No matter what vehicles you have shortlisted, read on a list of things to keep in mind before and during a test drive.

1.) Plan It: Test driving a car isn’t usually an impulsive decision. Therefore, it is a good idea to plan the entire activity in advance so that you check all the following boxes:
  • Pick a day solely to test drive. Do not buy a car on the same day as you test drive it as the smell of new cars can be intoxicating.
  • It’s easier to get behind the wheel when everyone is prepared, so contact your dealer ahead of time.
  • Take your entire family with you to make sure that there is enough legroom for everyone, and the baby’s car seat fits well. 
2.) Make a List: Do your research and make a comprehensive list of all the features you’re looking for. Your salesperson can even demonstrate all of them for you before you try them out yourself. Also, can you get in and out of the vehicle with ease? When you are seated, is your head at a comfortable distance from the roof and your torso from the wheel? Remember that comfort is key, even though it isn’t a feature, per se.
3.) Check the Tech: Take your phone/other devices along with you to make sure they pair well with the car’s system. Ask questions about everything, no matter how silly it may sound—even that insignificant beeping noise!
4.) Chart Your Drive: Do you usually take the highway to work? Or do you only drive within the city? Plan your test drive to simulate your everyday commute. Also, make a note of the odometer to calculate mileage for yourself.
5.) Bring Your Papers: Do not forget to bring a copy of your current driver’s license as most dealerships will require this for the test drive.

If one of our Hondas has caught your eye, get in touch with us! We’d love to get you behind the wheel so you can experience that new-car-thrill for yourself!

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