What’s the Best Honda Pilot Trim?

The 2020 Honda Pilot comes in six trims, and they each offer a unique combination of features and price. Which Honda Pilot trim is best for you depends on exactly what you’re looking for.

LX Trim: For Drivers Who Want Capability

The base Honda Pilot trim is the LX trim, and this is a solid option if you simply want a capable three-row SUV and don’t want to spend much on extra peripherals. On the 2020 Honda Pilot, this trim comes with everything you actually need. For example, it has:

  • Seating for up to eight people
  • 3.5L V6 that generates 280 horsepower
  • Towing capacity of 3,500 pounds
  • Honda Sensing driver assists
  • Bluetooth, USB and AUX phone connections

All-wheel drive is also available, as it is on any of the trims. The 2020 Honda Pilot LX currently starts at $31,550.

EX Trim: For Drivers Who Want Smartphone Integration

The EX trim adds a variety of conveniences, not the least of which is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. While it’s possible to take calls and send texts without these platforms, the two greatly increase smartphone usability with app and streaming funcationality.

Other additions include one-touch second-row seats and intelligent traction management, which is especially helpful with all-wheel drive. MSRPs for the 2020 Honda Pilot EX begin at $34,440.

EX-L Trim: For Drivers Who Score a Deal

While it does serve a purpose, the EX-L trim has perhaps the narrowest appeal of all five options. 

This trim adds some nice touches, including leather seating, a power moonroof, in-dash navigation and second-row sunshades. MSRPs for the 2020 Honda EX-L start at $37,860 prior to discounts and incentives.

These extras certainly are appreciable, but most drivers who are intrigued by them will be more attracted to the 2020 Pilot Touring’s feature list. This might be a good choice if you somehow get a discount on a 2019 or 2020 Honda Pilot EX-L. Aside from any special discount, however, give the Touring trim a good look before settling on this one.

Touring Trim: For Drivers Who Like Features and Value

The Touring has a long list of features, and it may be the best overall Honda Pilot trim. The upgrades enhance the model’s aesthetics, comfort and convenience. They include:

  • 9-speed automatic transmission
  • Heated front and rear outboard seats
  • Built-in navigation system
  • 10-speaker premium audio system
  • Rear-seat Blu-ray entertainment system
  • Ambient LED interior lighting
  • Hands-free power tailgate
  • Roof rails
  • LED automatic headlights 
  • 20-inch alloy wheels

A Wi-Fi hotspot can also be added. Starting at $42,620, this is far from the cheapest Honda Pilot trim but does provide an excellent value considering all that it comes with.

Elite Trim: For Drivers Who Prefer Luxury

The Elite trim takes the Honda Pilot into the true realm of luxury, adding items like a panoramic roof, second-row captain’s chairs, climate-controlled front seats and wireless phone charging. The trim’s suggested starting price is $48,120, which is much less than many luxury three-row SUVs. 

Black Edition: For Drivers Who Make Statements

The Black Edition is a fully loaded Honda Pilot that’s all black, coming with black wheels, black leather and black exterior trim. Suggested MSRPs begin at $49,620. This can be an option for drivers who want to make a statement on the road.

Find Your Honda Pilot Trim

To find out which Honda Pilot trim is right for you, check them all out at McGrath City Honda. The dealership’s close to Oak Park and Berwyn, at 6720 W. Grand Ave in Chicago, and you’re welcome to take these SUVs for a test drive Monday through Saturday.

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