Maintaining Your New Honda: 3 Tips

A new Honda vehicle can last for a very long time if it’s treated right, and taking care of a Honda is fairly simple. Follow these five tips on how to maintain your new Honda, and it should continue to perform reliably for many, many miles.

1. Wash Your New Honda Regularly

One of the biggest threats to the long-term reliability of any vehicle that’s driven around Oak Park, Cicero and other parts of Greater Chicago is the debris on the road. Dirt and dust are a constant threat, and the salt used during winter is especially harmful to any vehicle’s body and undercarriage. 

Even though Honda builds highly reliable models, almost any vehicle will eventually succumb to salt’s corrosive properties if the issue isn’t addressed.

To prevent dirt and salt from causing damage, simply wash your new Honda regularly. There’s no set interval for when you should wash a car, but it should generally be somewhat frequently. If you can see dirt on the top or sides of the vehicle, there’s undoubtedly stuff on the undercarriage as well.

During winter, you can increase the frequency of washings since salt is especially harmful.

2. Follow Honda’s Recommended Maintenance Schedule

As for when to have oil changes and other routine maintenance done, Honda ensures there’s no guessing involved. Every new Honda has a published factory-recommended maintenance schedule, and it’s normally available in the owner’s manual, online, through Honda’s app and from any Honda dealer.

These maintenance schedules outline when every routine service item should be performed, and technicians regularly check for other signs of potential issues when they complete the recommended services. Follow your new Honda’s schedule, and you should avoid most unexpected problems.

3. Rely on Your Honda Dealership’s Technicians for Help

Even when you do everything you should for your Honda, there will inevitably be sounds, vibrations or other oddities that you notice from time to time. Whenever you have a question about something you observe, bring your Honda to an official Honda service center to have the issue diagnosed.

The technicians who work at Honda service centers service and repair Honda vehicles every day, and they’re experts on the manufacturers’ models. No matter what’s going on with your Honda, whether it’s nothing at all or a major problem, they’ll be able to tell you what’s going on and what should be done about it. Rely on them for help, and bring your Honda to them whenever you notice something unfamiliar.

Make an Appointment at Your Local Honda Service Center

If you have a new Hona and need it serviced, schedule an appointment with the service department at McGrath City Honda. The dealership has technicians on hand Monday to Saturday to service your car at their nearby 6720 W. Grand Ave., Chicago, IL 60707 location.

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