In the '50s, with the country in a full economic upswing, millions of Americans were buying station wagons, hitting the highways, and taking their families on vacations across the country. By1960. one in every car sold in the country was a station wagon. Maybe you even have memories of climbing into your Cicero family's station wagon and taking off to explore the countryside? In any case, while station wagons were the go-to family vehicles in the '50s and '60s, things have changed and today new body styles like crossovers and minivans dominate the market. The following is a look at a few of our favorite Honda vehicles that have proven to be fantastic models for families large and small:

3 Honda Vehicles Ideal for Big Families

  • Honda Passport. The Honda Passport is a relatively new mid-size SUV that was launched in order to fill the gap between the more compact CR-V and the extra-spacious three-row Honda Pilot. While it does lack that third-row larger SUVs have, if you are a Cicero family of four or five, you are likely to appreciate everything else this gorgeous Honda model has to offer. This is especially true if, as with the station wagons of yesterday, you are looking for a road trip, family vacation-type of vehicle. That's because this model was built to ride higher than other Honda vehicles with a spacious cabin featuring tons of nooks and crannies and charging ports to make weekend excursions with the family fun and manageable. 
  • Honda Pilot. While we love the Honda Passport and think its surely one of the more underappreciated of Honda vehicles, if you do need more space for your growing family, then the three-row Honda Pilot is an outstanding choice as a family vehicle. It is, in fact, the roomiest three-row crossover SUV in the class with standard seating for eight people (although Chicago car buyers can opt to swap the second-row bench seat for a pair of captain's chairs and reduce seating to seven). To communicate with your back-row occupants, you can use this vehicle's convenient CabinTalk and conversation mirror features that make conversations a breeze. This model comes in with a powerful engine and a variety of trims so that you can choose the perfect model to meet your driving needs and budget desires. Furthermore, when equipped with the all-wheel drive, the current generation of Honda Pilots can tow upwards of 5,000 pounds.
  • Honda Odyssey. The Honda Odyssey has continually made the annual lists of best family vehicles, with US News nicely saying that "the Odyssey has the game figured out," with 'the game' being family vehicles and safety features. If you are looking for a large and in charge family vehicle, there really is no better choice than the Honda Odyssey. This model features seating for eight and the unique and ultra-nifty Magic Slide second-row seats that make maneuvering in and out of the vehicle easy and stress-free. For the best experience with this vehicle, we recommend opting for the Odyssey EX trim to enjoy the comprehensive HondaSensing suite of driver assist features.

Test Drive Your Favorite Honda Vehicles at McGrath City Honda

Naturally, the best way to find the right Honda vehicle for your family is to have them take each version you're considering out for a test drive. See for yourself just how convenient each model's features are, how their different seat configurations work, and how well each model drives. Do so today by visiting our team at McGrath City Honda. Let us show you the differences between these Honda vehicles and get you set up with the best financing or leasing deal. 

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