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With Halloween behind us and the winter holidays fast approaching, now is the time to ask yourself whether or not your Honda vehicles are ready for the midwestern winter? Even if you live in a downtown Chicago condo, if you drive a vehicle, then undoubtedly at some point during this winter you'll have to navigate through slick and icy roads. If you live out in the suburbs or do a lot winter weekend trips home, then you'll be navigating those winter road conditions even more often. Driving in the ice, snow, and cold isn't fun and it can often feel dangerous if your vehicle isn't in good condition. So, if you haven't already, now is a great time to call up and make a winter maintenance appointment at your local Honda dealership and service station where you can have your car checked over and properly prepared for winter driving. Not sure what's necessary? Take a look at the following key things that we recommend you have checked or done to ensure your Honda vehicles are ready for the winter months:

Is Your Honda Ready for Icy Weather? 3 Things to Check

  • Check your tires and consider changing them. The first important thing to check before the rain, snow, and sleet hail down is the tread on your tires. The tread depth of your tires allows rain and slush to easily escape, which enables the tires to have better traction and not slip on slick pavement. So how do you know whether or not you have enough tread on any given tire? The technical rule of thumb is that if you have anything less than 4/32 inch of tread left, then it's time tor replace. You can check this by taking a quarter and putting it top down inside the grooves. If there's any space between the top of George Washington's head and where the tread is, then it's time to replace. Use all-season tires if you do mostly city driving and winter tires if you spend a lot of time out in the country. Finally, about once a month, check your tires to ensure they are properly inflated.
  • Have your oil changed. Colder temperatures cause the viscosity of oil to change, making it thicker. If you don't keep your oil properly changed or leave your vehicle sitting in the cold too long, this changed viscosity can mean your engine won't be properly lubricated the next time you run it and go out for a drive -- and that can cause some serious engine issues and damages. Talk to your mechanic about the best type of oil for your Honda vehicles and the Chicago weather.
  • Swap out those wiper blades. One key winter driving tip that many people forget is the wiper blades. Wiper blades can single-handedly transform a dangerous situation into a safe one. That's because strong wiper blades can easily clear windshields of sudden rain, snow, kicked up mud, and other debris so that drivers can easily see where they are going. If your current wiper blades are leaving smears, not wiping away all the rain, or are making a chattering noise, then it's time to replace them. When doing so, make sure you also are using a washer fluid that won't freeze.

Sign Up for Your Next Maintenance Visit at McGrath City Honda

Is it time for your next maintenance visit? Call our friendly front-desk staff at McGrath City Honda to schedule an appointment with our onsite service department where we have all of the parts and products to make sure your Honda vehicles are in their best condition and fully ready to take on the worst winter has to throw at them. 

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