Honda’s reputation for safety and reliability makes the company’s vehicles a popular choice for teen drivers, and there are several models that teens and their parents most commonly choose. While it’s difficult to determine any one model that’s the best Honda for teen drivers, there are four leading contenders.

The Honda Civic 

The Honda Civic has been a favorite of young drivers (as well as older drivers) for many decades, and it continues to have wide appeal. 

The Civic’s size balances driveability and interior capacity well, and its updated style still receives the approval of teens. Today’s Honda Civics feature forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking on most trims, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are typically onboard so teens can stream their music without actually touching a phone.

There are no less than six different versions of the 2020 Honda Civic available. While some of the sportier versions might tempt teens, the classic sedan and newer hatchback versions offer everything teen drivers actually need and still have enough cool style. These tend to be the best Honda Civic options for younger drivers.

For families that want to save a little extra, certified pre-owned Honda Civics can be great alternatives to brand-new ones. Any certified pre-owned Honda has passed a rigorous set of checks and is backed by the applicable warranties, and these models tend to be substantially discounted compared to their new counterparts.

The Honda Fit

Smaller hatchbacks are becoming a common choice for teen drivers, and no automaker has perfected the hatchback like Honda has. The Honda Fit is highly fuel-efficient and offers interior versatility that makes it more like a small SUV when you need to stow cargo. All the while, it remains a subcompact car.

The 2020 Honda Fit’s combined EPA-estimated fuel economy is 33 miles per gallon, which is quite impressive for something that doesn't have a hybrid pricetag. 

Cargo capacity is a reasonable 16.6 cubic feet behind the backseat, but what’s impressive is the total available room and how it can be used. When the backseat is folded down, total cargo volume increases to a maximum of 52.8 cubic feet, which can be used to stow:

  • Tall items by folding the bottom of the backseat up
  • Long items by folding the front passenger seat flat
  • Most other items by folding the backseat flat

Again, teens can get either a new 2020 Honda Fit or a discounted certified pre-owned one.

The Honda Accord Coupe

A slightly larger and more powerful option, the Honda Accord is also a good choice for teen drivers. Like its little sibling the Civic, the Accord offers style, safety and long-term reliability.

For teen drivers, the two-door Honda Accord Coupe is an especially good option. It has a little extra style, and there are still five seats for those periodic occasions when teens have a car full of people.

Honda discontinued the Accord Coupe in 2018, with the 2017 Honda Accord Coupe being the last version of the model. There are still many certified pre-owned and pre-owned ones available around Berwyn and Des Plaines, though, and these often are an excellent value.

Find a Great Honda

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for a teen in your family, you’ll find a large selection of great Hondas -- including many of these models -- at McGrath City Honda at 6720 W. Metro Auto Mall. Stop by Monday through Saturday, and find the best Honda for you or your teen.

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