Honda Accords and Honda Civics are two of the most popular and best-selling vehicles in all of the United States. Thus given the big numbers of these Honda vehicles on the road, it should come as no surprise that they are also two of the most commonly stolen vehicles. Thankfully, Honda took notice of these trends and all recent Honda Accord, Civics, and other Honda vehicles come with an immobilizer theft-deterrent system that utilizes an ignition key with a paired and built-in transponder. This means that if someone tries to use a fake key or start your vehicle some other way, the vehicle's computer system will sense that the correct transponder code isn't being used and won't start the engine.

However, owners of these Honda vehicles are still susceptible to stolen in other ways and are susceptible to having their belongings stolen. From Madison to Milwaukee, vehicle theft is an everyday occurrence that Wisconsin residents have to be cautious about so that they can avoid becoming the next statistic. The following is a look at some good theft prevention steps and products that will ensure that your Honda stays in your possession:

Honda Vehicles: 4 Steps for Theft Protection

  1. Lock your doors and lock 'em again. Living in the Midwest, it can be so tempting to leave your vehicle warm and running while you run into the gas station or convenience mart. But this momentary lapse is exactly what thieves are looking for as it gives them an easy opportunity to jump in your car and drive away. So the first big step to avoiding vehicle theft is to never leave your keys in the ignition. Likewise, to prevent someone from easily sliding in and rifling through your things, you should always lock and check your locks when leaving your vehicle.
  2. Keep your valuables out of your car. The best way not to be the victim of a theft is to not leave valuable items out where a thief would find them. No matter what city or suburb you live in, your neighborhood has likely been the site of opportunity car theft at some time. This is when thieves walk down a street and try to open car doors or look in windows for easily spot valuables. They then break in to snatch and grab whatever they can. Avoid this by following the first step of always locking your door and then, should they still find a way in, make sure they have nothing to steal. Keep your laptop, wallet, guns, and other items out of your vehicle when you're not in it. 
  3. Use a visible and/or audible theft prevention product. While most Honda vehicles already come equipped with anti-theft immobilizers, you can add to this with other types of theft prevention products. The Club is an excellent example of this. This tool goes across the steering wheel and extends out in order to prevent a would-be thief from turning the vehicle (and make it very obvious should they try). 
  4. Incorporate a tracking and recovery system. Sometimes no matter what you do, a determined and resourceful thief will still drive away with your car. To ensure you get it back, use a trackign and recovery system like LoJack. LoJack is a special theft deterrent after-market system that is integrated with law enforcement and utilizes radio frequency to track your vehicle so you can have the propery authority return it to you.

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