It is 2019 and today, vehicle safety has come a long way from the days of just seat belts and airbags. Today, Honda vehicles come equipped with an entire array of exciting passive and active safety technologies that work both to keep occupants safe in the event of a collision and actually go a long way in preventing many collisions from ever occurring. A great example of this latter type of technology, also known as an active driver assist feature, is Honda's Lane Keeping Assist System.

The Basics of the Lane Keeping Assist System in Honda Vehicles

As its very name suggests, the Honda Lane Keeping Assist System works to keep Honda vehicles within the boundaries of the lane they are driving in. The aim of this type of technology is to prevent drivers from drifting or otherwise accidentally entering another lane without properly signaling. The system aims to improve overall safety by calling attention to a potentially dangerous system -- swerving into another lane -- and bring the driver back to focus to avoid a collision. The Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) in Honda vehicles works together with the Lane Departure Warning system to achieve this goal.

How the Lane Keeping Assist System Works

The Lane Keeping Assist System operates sophisticated camera technology. The front of Honda vehicles equipped with the Lane Keeping Assist System have a windshield-mounted camera that has been specially designed to recognize and detect lane markings. When that camera recognizes the vehicle is drifting too close and on a track that will take it across one of the detected lane markings, the system will prompt the integrated electric power steering system.

Once the electric power steering system is alerted to the possibility of the Honda vehicle drifting into another lane, it will automatically shift the wheel into a position that will guide the vehicle back into the center of the detected lanes where the driver can return to normal driving within the two-lane markings.

How to Turn on the Lane Keeping Assist System

Note that as beneficial as the Lane Keeping Assist System is, there may be reasons why you would not want it on. For example, it may not work as well in hazardous weather where rain, fog, or snow obscures what would otherwise be reliable lane markings and where drivers are already having their full focus on staying in the lane and thus do not want an added electronic assist. Because of this and because of its effectiveness only at higher speeds, it is possible for drivers to turn on and off the Lane Keeping Assist System.

On most Honda vehicles, this system can be accessed either through the integrated infotainment system or by pressing the "MAIN" button on the vehicle's steering wheel. Then, press the symbol that looks like a tiny car driving between two lanes below the "MAIN" button. Once this button has been pressed, you will see the letters LKAS light up on the digital display in front of the steering wheel.

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