Who Should Lease a Honda Vehicle?


 If you are in the market for a vehicle, then you probably already know the two big options you have: Buying a new, just hit the pavement vehicle or buying a pre-owned vehicle that maybe two years, twenty years, or older. But what if we told you there was another option? To lease a Honda vehicle? While leasing vehicles sometimes get a bad rap, there are certainly times and situations for which leasing a new model makes the most sense. The following is a quick look at those situations and why you might just want to consider leasing a Honda vehicle near Berwyn this spring:


The Basics of Who and When to Lease a Honda Vehicle

  • Business owners and those who need a vehicle for business purposes. It often surprises new business owners and entrepreneurs to learn that leasing a vehicle often makes more sense accounting-wise than purchasing a vehicle for the business. This is because it's generally possible to deduct the amount of the lease payment when filing taxes so long as it's done via actual expenses. Furthermore, it's no secret that automobiles are depreciating assets, meaning they steadily, consistently, and without fail decline in value from the moment they drive off the lot. Those business owners who opt to sell their vehicle, later on, can face tax liabilities if they sell a vehicle for more than its depreciated value (known as depreciation recapture). In contrast, leasing a vehicle offers an easy, no-down-payment method of having a new car for a set period without having to sell the vehicle at the end of that period.
  • Individuals who plan on relocating and don't want to commit to a vehicle. Plan on only working in the area for a few years? If you are thinking of moving sometime soon, maybe across state lines or even across an ocean, then buying a new vehicle may be something of a burden as depending on how the move plays out, you may be forced to sell it -- and in a hurry. Especially if buying a new vehicle means you need to take out a loan for which you might be underwater. Instead, by leasing a new Honda, you get all the advantages of a new vehicle without the pressure of having to worry about selling it at the end of your lease term. Similar situations include international workers and students who are only in the country for a set period of time.
  • Professionals with little time, who hate maintenance, and love new things. If you hate having to deal with mechanical issues but love driving new vehicles, then you are bound to appreciate the advantages that come when you lease a Honda vehicle. When you lease, you get to pick the creme de la creme of the lot and enjoy all of the latest technologies that come with it. Drive it to your heart's content and then easily return it at the end of the leasing period. This means that you get to enjoy the vehicle only as its new and you'll have returned it long before the general mechanical problems like old brakes and shot transmission start cropping up. 

Learn More About How You Can Lease a Honda Vehicle at McGrath City Honda Near Berwyn

Do you meet one or more of the above criteria for whom leasing a Honda vehicle makes sense? Then come on over and visit our friendly dealership of McGrath City Honda where we offer new models for both purchase and lease. Browse our lot and learn more about our exciting new car financing and leasing deals today.



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