The midsize SUV segment has become one of the most popular of classes for Americans and thus its also become one of the most competitive for auto manufacturers. Everyone wants to create the next midsize SUV -- an SUV that offers great comfort for families, plenty of cargo for active owners, and enjoys a good balance of power and fuel efficiency. But while everyone is trying to create that perfect mesh of vehicle, there's really only one that our team thinks his all the right sweet spots. That vehicle is the Honda Pilot.

The Honda Pilot is the creme de la creme the, as one automotive reviewer put it, the "epitome of excellence in this genre of automobile." If you are on the hunt for a midsize SUV to add to your Cicero or Berwyn household, then look no further. Or, at least, come over to our Chicago area dealership to give a 2019 or 2020 Honda Pilot a test drive and see in person the following top features of this fantastic vehicle:

4 Top Features of the Honda Pilot

  • Sleek retuned transmission. One of the biggest updates made for the recent 2019 production year was a retuning of the model's available nine-speed automatic transmission. Found on the mid and range-topping trims, this suspension system offers quick and nearly imperceptible shifting that makes this vehicle a dream to drive.
  • Quiet cabin with unique CabinTalk feature. The Honda Pilot might be primarily marketed as a family SUV, but you'd be surprised on how many luxury-oriented amenities it comes with. Its quiet cabin is an excellent example of this as Honda went the extra step to incorporate a pretty unique active noise-cancellation system that utilizes specialized microphones to detect excess engine and exhaust noises that then work with the stereo speakers to send out active signals to cancel out that excess noise. Additionally, because it can be frustrating for front-row occupants to hear second and third-row occupants even without engine noise, this model features other microphones to allow both rows of occupants better communicate with each other.
  • Lots of fun tech features. While there are some great standard features on the base trim of this model, it's the higher trims that really pack in the fun and convenience tech. Things start upfront with the convenient wireless charging system that's located right next to the vehicle's 12V power outlet and a USB charging port. The model also has a Blu-ray player built into the dash and connected to a pop-down 10.2-inch high-definition screen so that all backseat occupants can stay entertained on both short and long drives.
  • Tons of easy-to-access space. This three-row SUV has plenty, plenty of space for owners to stuff in their travel, shopping, and other activity gear. Behind the third row and accessible by the Honda Pilot's automatic hatch is an ample 16 cubic feet of cargo room. But that's just the starting number. Owners can fold down the third-row and expand that cargo room to an exciting 46 cubic feet or they can fold down both the second and third-row to enjoy an incredible 82 cubic feet. That's furniture-moving numbers!

Learn More About the Honda Pilot at Our Friendly Dealership of McGrath City Honda

Of course, these features are just the beginning of all that's to love and appreciate about the Honda Pilot. The 2019 and 2020 models are part of the latest and most exciting generation of this model and are certainly worth a look. So why not contact our team at McGrath City Honda to learn more about this midsize SUV and to schedule a test drive so you can see all the attributes in-person. 
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